PRESS RELEASE: Port of Centralia Adopts 2022 Budget


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CENTRALIA, Wash. — The Port of Centralia Commissioners adopted the 2022 budget at its regular meeting on Wednesday. The budget allocates $6.5 million towards infrastructure improvements in the Port’ s Industrial Development District No. 3 to service the future WinCo development and other users within the mixed-use development. With limited vacancy, operating revenues are anticipated to be around $800,000 while operating expenses show an increase primarily due to inflation.

At the meeting the Port Commission also adopted the 2022 general tax levy rate at $0.389 cents per $1,000 of assessed value resulting in a levy increase of $0.028 cents over the prior year. In addition, the Port adopted the Industrial Development District No. 3 tax levy rate at $0.375 cents per $1,000 of assessed value resulting in a levy increase of $0.015 cents over the prior year. This will be the fifth year of a six-year levy for the Industrial Development District which funds are is allocated to the development of this district.

Port of Centralia Commission President Julie Shaffley stated, “The Port is well positioned for continued success and this budget will bring needed infrastructure development including the Yew Street extension and construction of a new I-5 off ramp to Centralia Station in 2022. The Port is also pleased to fund road maintenance projects within Parks I and II to facilitate jobs opportunities for our constituents. We were also pleased adopt a budget that will keep our highly successful management team together for the long term. We expect to have a successful 2022 and look forward to bringing the Centralia Station project to the development phase that our community has so anxiously awaited.”

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Founded in 1986, the Port of Centralia operates two industrial parks and one planned mixed-use development that provide over 2,100 the local community. The Port’s over 30 tenants include Sierra Pacific Industries, Michael’s, UNFI and Dick’s Brewing Company.

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