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The Port of Centralia comprises three industrial parks: Park I, Park II, and Park 3, a mixed-use development. Both Parks I and II have multimodal transportation access. Park 3, the Port’s latest project, will have a direct connection to Interstate 5. The Port of Centralia’s industrial sites adhere to its Master Plan and range from one to 100 acres with a wide variety of options including land lease, build-to-suit, and outright sales.

Industrial Development Revenue Bonds

Industrial Development Revenue Bonds (IDRBs) are a means of financing the acquisition, construction, enlargement or improvement of industrial development facilities and involve the issuance of tax-exempt bonds by public corporations specifically created for that purpose by local governments. The key advantage of industrial revenue bonds lies in their tax-exempt status; interest paid to the buyer of the bonds is not subject to federal income tax, and as a result the bond buyer will accept a lower rate of interest on the bonds.

Incentives & Benefits

  • Ability to access low interest Industrial Development Revenue Bonds.
  • Absence of state and local income tax or unitary tax provisions on corporate profits.
  • No local B&O taxes.
  • Eligibility for Warehouse (etc.) Tax Remittance.
  • Eligibility for deferral or exemptions on all sales/use taxes on buildings and equipment during construction period under the Rural County Sales/Use Tax Deferral Program.
  • Eligibility for Rural County Business & Occupation Tax Credits for New Employees.

Learn More

We’ve prepared a comprehensive overview of Tax-Exempt Economic Development Bonds and “Industrial Revenue” and “Exempt Facilites” Bonds. For complete information, click below.

A Solid Foundation to Build on


Port’s Role in Improving Infrastructure

Creating, maintaining and providing access to outstanding infrastructure is one of the Port of Centralia’s top priorities. In addition to installing top-of-the-line roads and other amenities, the Port continues to improve the established systems to better serve its tenants’ needs and enhance public safety.

Master Plan

The Port of Centralia’s campuses are governed by an approved master plan, which was adopted in 1990 and most recently revised in 2023.

Port of Centralia Benefits

  • Park I and Park II located fewer than 2 miles from Interstate 5.
  • Park 3 adjacent to Interstate 5.
  • Union Pacific/Burlington Northern Santa Fe rail service.
  • 4” natural gas line service.
  • 10” water mains with 100-lb PSI.
  • 10” sewer mains with 6” stubs for each lot.
  • Electricity capabilities to meet nearly any demand.
  • Broadband internet capabilities from multiple providers.
  • Foreign Trade Zone designation.
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The Port of Centralia maintains a Small Works Roster and an Architectural & Engineering Roster as a reference for upcoming projects. The rosters are created every January and are updated throughout the year through December 31. If you are interested in joining the roster, please download and submit the appropriate application form: