Industrial Parks

Park I


The first master-planned industrial park was assembled over several years following the Port’s founding in 1986. In 1990, Rogers Machinery Company, Inc. became the first tenant in Park I. Today, 26 tenants that provide over 1,300 jobs to the local community call the industrial park home. Park I is located within minutes of Interstate 5 and hosts a rail spur and transload facility.

Park I has a current assessed value of $302.6 million.

This value in turn benefits the local community through over $1.9 million in generated taxes that help fund Centralia School District, Riverside Fire Authority, Timberland Regional Library, City of Centralia, and Lewis County.

Park II


In 2003, the Port Commission began looking to expand into a second industrial park. Park II is located north of Park I along the Interstate 5 corridor and is home to the majority of the Port’s largest tenants. The 9 tenants in Park II provide over 750 jobs to the local workforce.

Park II has a current assessed value of $372.8 million.

This value generates over $2.7 million in taxes to help fund essential community services and benefits.

Park I & Park II Total Assessed Value: $675,488,279.00

2024 Tax Rate Amount
State School Levy $1.47264 $994,752.27
State School Levy 2 $0.78733 $531,829.62
County General Expense $0.90139 $608,875.70
County Roads $1.20059 $447,647.84
Timberland Regional Library $0.23402 $158,080.47
Fire District $1.42615 $963,345.43
Centralia School District $1.03541 $699,407.49
Centralia Port District $0.26870 $181,503.14
City of Centralia $0.41551 $125,748.13
Total: $4,711,190.09

*Does not include City of Centralia Utility Tax which is a major funding source for the city.

Park 3


Park 3, a mixed-used development also known as Centralia Station, is under construction with infrastructure improvements currently underway. WinCo Foods has been announced as the anchor tenant with more updates coming soon.