Article: Port Announces Grocery Distribution Center to be Constructed in Centralia

February 2, 2017

By Justyna Tomtas, The Chronicle

Galvin Road: Business Would Bring Significant Jobs, Add to Tax Base

Port of Centralia commissioners have waived their right of first refusal on a property owned by Benaroya that will become the future site of a grocery distribution center and is expected to bring in 200 to 400 jobs.

The property is located at 4002 Galvin Road in Centralia.

“They’ve received and entered into a contract with a third party for a portion of approximately 53 acres of property,” Kyle Heaton, executive director of the port, said at a meeting Wednesday. “…The jobs are significant and this is a significant amount of capital that would be built in the community and so obviously that adds to the tax base.”

Although Benaroya owns the property, it is located within the port district, so port commissioners have the option to purchase the property prior to it being sold to someone else. According to Heaton, the port waives its right of first refusal 90 percent of the time.

Heaton said he has seen a basic site plan, but once an official site plan is submitted, the port would have to review it.

The name of the grocery distributor has not been disclosed at this time.

The 1 million-square-foot building would have to be constructed on the Galvin Road site.

Benaroya officials did not return a request for comment prior to deadline.

In other port news, Heaton told commissioners the port had received notification from Zev Technologies that they reached terms to acquire Mega Arms. Heaton said it would not result in a decrease in building envelope since they still need both buildings. Zev manufactures pistols, while Mega Arms manufactures rifles. Heaton said the move makes sense for both manufacturing and marketing purposes since instead of competing, the businesses will augment one another. The businesses combined have about 100 employees. When Mega Arms first started, they only had 30. At the next meeting, commissioners will be presented more formal documentation for approval.

Port commissioners also approved a 7-foot fence with barbed wire to be constructed at Lineage Logistics in Centralia. Heaton said regulations have changed since the facility was built, so it now needs to be fenced. The fence will make the facility more secure for the food the company works with on the inside, Heaton said.

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